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Vývojový kit

Complete workplace for developing and debugging microcontrolers applications

  • For creation of completely equipped workplace you need only evaluation board ED2 ,serial cable and debugging tool MicroScope
  • It supports source level debugging for C ( Keil, SDCC, Intel ) and assembler languages.
  • You do not need parallel programator for upload your application code to memory.
  • With simulation version you can debug aplications without real hardware
  • With designer you can create virtual application and make for it the program as for real hardware.
  • Evaluation board includes field that can be used to create few simple circuits.
  • Suitable for schools.


Universal prototype evaluation board for Atmel AT89C51xD2 family microprocesors (Temic, Philips), which together with program Micro Scope establishes complete development and debugging tool for design and debugging your new applications. It includes field that can be used to create few simple circuits.

Connection scheme and shouldering list are HERE

HW technical parameters

  • Microprocesor T89c51ED2 in package DIL-40, Crystal 11,0592 MHz
  • RS232 interface with level TTL/RS232 convertor
  • Jumper for Bootloader activation, support of upload aplication from PC to FLASH MCU po RS232
  • RESET button
  • Supply voltage regulator (7-12 V)
  • 2x16-pin conector P1 a P3 (every pin 2x)
  • 38-pin conektor P2, P4, signals PSEN a ALE
  • Printed circuit format 100 x 75 mm.

Deska ED2

CPU technical parameters

program memory 64 kB program/code memory
In-System Programming (ISP)
2K ROM Bootloader
256 B
1792 B
On-chip EEPROM data  
2048 B entry by bytes
16-bit timer
X2 Mode
CPU kernel speed ( selectable by SFR)
SPI interface
Keyboard interface
Yes (8 inputs)
Timer prescaler
Baud speed generator
Interrupt inside source number
Maximal frequence at 5 V
40 MHz X1 mode
20 MHz X2 mód
Power supply
Supply 2,7 V - 5,5 V

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