Micro Scope Ikona uScope

  • Designer is design tool for create virtual ( simulation, experimental ) application.
  • With Micro Scope Lite the Designer creates simple and powerful tool for studying purposes.
  • It allows to display it as schema or components ( event combination).
  • By the help of the mouse may be easy completed simple application by selection of basic electronic componets ( 7-segment LED, LED-diode, bulb, button, ports, pin ). Simulator executes the test and debug of program.
  • You do not need real circuit.
  • All run only on computer.
  • This virtual application behave as real wiring.
  • It saves time and money.

  • It is particulary suitable for schools.

  • Cooparates with full version ( Micro Scope Professional nebo Standard ) or simulation version ( Micro Scope Lite ).

  • Demo-designer is here. It has less components then full version and it doesn't enable to save schema on disc.

  Application examples

Designer component list

Schema Piktogram Marking Description Note
pin pin   Pin of port of procesor or buffer (574,…)  
port of procesor port of procesor   Port of procesor (P0,P1,P2,…)  
conductor conductor   Connecting conductor  
Vcc Vcc   Point of feed  
ground point ground point   Ground point  
bus bus   Bus  
diode diode KA 160, KY130/80 Diode  
sLight emiting diode Light emiting diode   Light emitting diode  
two-colour diode two-color diode   Two-color light emitting diode From version 3.30
7-segment LED 7-segment LED   Seven-segment LED  
bulb bulb   Bulb  
switch switch   Switch  
button button   Button ( round or square ) With detent or without detent
invertor invertor 7404 Invertor  
inverting gate inverting gate 7400 Inverting gate (NAND)  
bus driver bus driver 74573,74574 Bus driver  
decoder decoder 74238 Decoder three from eight From version 3.30
inverting bus driver inverting bus driver 74534 Inverting bus driver From version 3.30


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