UMON - 52

Program UMON - 52 allows to debug the application program equipment for microcontrolers 8051 family. With suitable hardware there is practical developing tool. Umon-52 allows to debug directly on making application. It needs only serial terminal or PC, which works as serial terminal.

DEMON - 52

Program DEMON - 52 is super-structure program. It communicates via serial interface with the board, where is installed the UMON-52 tool. It is predecessor of Micro Scope tool, it is works in OS DOS.


Program DISASM -52 allows to disassembled programs in assembler ASM-51 or higher languages ( e.g. PL/M-51 or C-51 ). It compile files in Intel-HEX format and creates of them source texts in assembler ASM-51. It respects the template symbols for procesor type 8051, 8052 or 8044. Concrete type is selected in command line. Program contains simple instructions, which there are automatically displayed through insert incorrect syntaxe command.

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